About Us

EVERVANNA was established in 2018 with a vision to provide a fashion experience around minimalism; an epitome of simplicity, class and eloquence. 

Evervanna has built on a client base that caters to both international and National markets. Evervanna provides apparel that covers both traditional and conventional wear; you can “Go East” or “Go West”, respectively.

A culmination of trends, materials and quality that caters to your mood and taste. Evervanna has been founded on the belief that offers top quality designs that don’t break the bank and you can easily identify with. 

Evervanna uses designs, materials and trends that are not only up to date but exude a fashion statement that is always “in the present”.

Evervanna believes in brand “YOU”, with Customers and Clients defining our products. Evervanna is not just a fashion apparel brand it is a Fashion Culture Revolution !